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Starting cooperation with Fobest

Information on all the required documents needed to start cooperation without any problems

  1. Who we are? How are we doing? Is it worth trusting us?
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  3. Additional services at Fobest
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  5. Documents for cooperation
  6. Settlements for people with their own business
  7. Kasotaksometr NOVITUS TAXIE
  8. Fobest Costs
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  10. Invoices in Fobest
  11. Tax settlements
  12. Bolt / Uber- what and how?

Who we are? How are we doing? Is it worth trusting us?

In which cities are we?

We operate in every city in which Bolt and / or Uber ,FreeNow, Glovo operates.

It is: Warszawa, Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław, Trójmiasto, aglomeracja Śląska, Łódź, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Białystok, Toruń, Rzeszów, Częstochowa, Radom, Kielce, Olsztyn, Bielsko-Biała, Płock, Elbląg, Opole.

We also have a stationary office in Warsaw at ul. Saska 9A oraz w Białystoku na ul. Łagodnej 14.

Detailed information about Fobest

We are a company offering comprehensive assistance in cooperation with the Uber , Bolt, FreeNow, Glovo platforms. A settlement partner, present from the beginning of Bolt and Uber in Poland. Over 8,000 drivers have already trusted us (and this number every day GROOOOOOOWING! ) 😊

Our STRENGTHS? It's a bit of it!

- 1st place on the list of recommended Bolt Partners

- We have been working with Uber and Bolt since the beginning of their activity in Poland

Over 8,000 Drivers have already trusted us

Fobest Drivers Panel - IT system for billing (view of earnings, payout history, uploading invoices, etc.)

OK System cards (sport, entertainment)

- Discount cards at CircleK stations (cheaper by up to 20gr / l

- B2B cooperation

- Command systems (FREE calculation per referral)

Accounting Office available to Drivers daily from 14-16

- Cash registers that will expand your income opportunities

- Reliable, trained employees who answer all questions and dispel any doubts


Contact Us

I have a question / problem. How can I contact Fobest?

If you have a problem, write to us by email:

You can also use our contact form on the website

You can also contact us by phone: tel. 889-834-137 from 10am to 5pm, (from Monday to Thursday) and from 10:00 to 15:00 (Fridays)

BUT ATTENTION!Before you ask a question - check if there is no answer in our help center where you are.

Our contact data




NIP: 522-316-39-31


Additional services at Fobest

Car rental from Fobest

If you are interested in renting a car from Fobest, write us an email at:

Cash registers - what do I have to do to get it? How much is it?

If you are interested in having a cash register, write us an email . In the content: "I am interested in having a cash register. Name and surname, city, contact number, application on which you drive ".

Our company has registered cash registers. Persons cooperating with Fobest have the option of accepting cash courses. If you are interested in obtaining a cash register, write to us at

Cash registers are lent FOR FREE. On the other hand, EVERY Driver who performs cash courses in the settlement week will be charged PLN 15.

The driver after completing the course, is required to issue a receipt to the customer. In the case of a non-cash journey, the Passenger receives an e-mail receipt immediately after the completed course. If the ride is cash - a receipt should be issued using our cash register.

Driver! Remember that deliberate failure to issue a receipt may result in penal and fiscal consequences.

I am a foreigner and I want to start drive - invitations, work permits.

Each foreigner must have a work permit unless the regulations say otherwise (full-time studies, a married relationship with a Polish citizen and a residence card issued based on a married relationship).

Categories of foreigners who can work in Poland without a permit.

A foreigner may work in the territory of the Republic of Poland without a work permit or a temporary residence and work permit if:

  1. has refugee status granted in the Republic of Poland;
  2. he was granted subsidiary protection in the Republic of Poland;
  3. has a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Poland;
  4. has a long-term resident's European Union residence permit in the Republic of Poland;
  5. has a long-term resident's European Union residence permit in the Republic of Poland;
  6. has a permit for tolerated stay in the Republic of Poland;
  7. has a valid certificate issued on the basis of art. 35 section 1 of the Act of June 13, 2003 on granting protection to foreigners within the territory of the Republic of Poland;
  8. enjoys temporary protection in the Republic of Poland;
  9. is a citizen of a Member State of the European Union,
  10. is a citizen of a country of the European Economic Area not belonging to the European Union;
  11. is a citizen of a country that is not a party to the agreement on the European Economic Area, which may exercise the freedom of movement of persons on the basis of an agreement concluded by that country with the European Community and its Member States;
  12. accompanies the foreigner referred to in points 9-11 as a family member within the meaning of the Act of 14 July 2006 on the entry into the territory of the Republic of Poland, stay and exit from that territory of EU citizens and their family members;
  13. has a valid Pole's card.

Facilitations concern residents of six countries - Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Russia, Armenia and Ukraine. A simplified procedure is applied to citizens of these countries. The rate at which you can obtain a permit from the Labor Office is set in such an amount as to achieve the social minimum. It is enough for foreigners from these countries to apply to the Poviat Labor Office for a declaration of intention to entrust work to a foreigner (the cost is PLN 130.00). The waiting time to accept is an average of 7-14 working days. This statement is issued for 6 months.

In the case of citizens of other countries, the application is directed to the Mazowsze Voivode for permission to work and stay. The cost is PLN 740.00. The answer is waiting from 3 months to 12 months(waiting period subject to change).. A work permit from the Mazowsze Province Governor entails a PLN 2,600.00 contract, then the Social Insurance Institution is PLN 1300.00. Additional costs are psychotechnics, occupational medicine and occupational health and safety (the basket is approx. PLN 600.00)

If someone has permission to stay with access to the labor market, then you have to apply for a new employer. The cost is PLN 300.00.

If the visa to stay ends, then the company issues a statement on entrusting work to a foreigner, the driver goes to his country and, on the basis of this statement, arranges a visa.

If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us by phone (515589262) with the Accountancy Department of Fobest or stationary on ul. Saska 9A in Warsaw every day from 14:00 to 16:00.

Accounting issues? Accounting Office at your disposal!

If you have any doubts on the part of the accountant - the Accountants Office Fobest is at your disposal on every day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We invite you to ul. Saska 9A in Warsaw.

Do I have health insurance in ZUS if I work with you?

Yes, the most. If you signed the Contract with us, you are registered with us at ZUS. So you have health insurance. You can also insure your family under yourself and you can go to the doctor.

ATTENTION! In order to register you with ZUS, we need to receive documents in the originals.

Best offer guarantee in Fobest

Have you found a BENEFICIAL and LEGAL offer for yourself? Let us know - we will definitely offer you something better! We care for the quality of our services - we want the driver to feel that he is in good hands (if not the best!). And all at optimal prices for you!

Loyalty program: "free calculation for the order"

In the loyalty program for each new driver brought to us, you get a free billing.

ATTENTION! The driver must have driven out min. 2 weeks.


1. The new driver is attached to 1 application (eg Bolt) and has 3 weeks left with us - you get a settlement with Bolt for free.

2. The new driver is attached to 2 applications (Bolt and Uber) and has 3 weeks left - you get a settlement with Bolt and Uber for free.



I want to start as soon as possible. What should I do? How to get under us to be a partner?

NOTE 1! When hooking you can receive the message "No such partner found". This is a common UBER platform error. This means that you are already connected to us or if you have already drive on your own business - connecting requires additional verification. You can try to get under us again, or, for example, hook to another city and after a while again hook up to the target.

However, it is best and fastest to write to Uber in person through the form link and ask for a connection.

NOTE 2! Important for B2B! When changing from own business to cooperation with Fobest (partner) all invoices and billing data disappear from the account.

If you want to start working as soon as possible and be able to drive, you have to do a few simple steps:


  1. IF YOU ARE AN ACTIVE DRIVER (you want to change partner):
  2. a) Send an email to the address w nim: „Chcę dołączyć do Fobest. Imię, nazwisko, miasto, adres e-mail (ten dołączony do konta)”.

  4. b) All necessary data and documents to create an account, i.e:

    1. First name and last name
    2. Email address, phone number
    3. The city where you will be riding
    4. What application (Bolt / Uber)
    5. Profile picture for the application
    6. Driving license
    7. Registration document, front and back
    8. OC Insurance (current)
    9. Certificate of clear criminal record (not older than 3 months)

Send to email We are one of the largest Partners in Poland, so accounts created by us personally are usually much faster active.

Connect with BOLT:

All necessary data and documents to create an account, i.e:

  1. First name and last name
  2. Email address, phone number
  3. The city where you will be riding
  4. What application (Bolt / Uber)
  5. Profile picture for the application
  6. Driving license
  7. Registration document, front and back
  8. OC Insurance (current)
  9. Certificate of clear criminal record (not older than 3 months)

Send to email address: We are one of the largest Partners in Poland, so accounts created by us personally are usually much faster active.

Can I ride with you with a rented car?

Yes, it is possible. If the car you are going to drive is rented, there is nothing to stop you from driving with us.


Documents for cooperation

Is a "lease agreement" necessary?

It is not, but thanks to the signing of two contracts - the Contract-Order and Lease Agreement for your car, you go out much more financially. The combination of these two contracts is simply more beneficial to you and tax-optimized.

Is the "contract of mandate" necessary?

Yes, the contract of mandate is obligatory. In order for you to be able to travel legally, you need a form of employment (contract of mandate) or your own business. Any other form of cooperation (eg volunteering, etc.) is ILLEGAL and is not accepted by law.

The costs related to the contract for the order of 201.00 gross PLN are:

The cost of the premium depends on your status from 0 to 92 PLN. Write to us and we will calculate your contribution.

It looks a bit different in the case of foreigners. About this here (I am a foreigner and I want to start drive - invitations, work permits.)

The car is not registered on me - can I make a "lease agreement"?

Yes. You do not have to be the car owner to make a contract with us. It is enough that the owner of the vehicle will give you "lending" the vehicle to your full disposal.

My account has been linked to Fobest. What's next?

If you have already been hooked and your account is active in Bolt and Uber, then you can go ahead and drive! Remember that to be able to calculate you we need completed documents in your profile on the platform

How to do it?

Register the account on the panel, enter the contract tab and enter the phone number to which the verification code will act as an electronic signature. After proceeding, select the type of contract and complete the required data.

After generating (printing) the contractor's statement and the contract of mandate, move on and enter the car details into the rental contract, which will also be generated automatically.

The Fobest billing panel gives the driver full control over the costs and revenue generated by the Bolt / Uber / Uber Eats applications, but is not directly connected to any of them. It is used to service the current account, gives the opportunity to add cost invoices, check the date and amount of the transfer sent to you after the end of the working week.

I am registered as unemployed. Can I start driving with you?

If you want to start the adventure with Bolt and Uber, you have to unregister from the Labor office, because the contract will be signed with our company.

Bolt / Uber is not my main source of income. Is the Contract Contract necessary?

Yes, because you provide a transport service. If you earn a minimum of PLN 2,250.00 from one employment relationship (income from several employment relationships is not combined), only the health insurance and the tax are paid for our contract.

I'm a student. Do I have an advantage for this?

Yes. If you are a student under 26 years of age under a commission contract under the new law, you pay nothing!

Where can I find the patterns of documents?

All documents that are necessary to start cooperation with us are available after logging in to our site

After generating and downloading the documents, they are already signed by SMS.


If you have decided to terminate your cooperation with us, please terminate the contract by


Settlements for people with their own business

General information on B2B billing

How to connect your business to us?

Go on

How to settle on the B2B principle?



Kasotaksometr NOVITUS TAXIE


If you have doubts about the operation of our cototaxometers or you are simply using the cototaximeter for the first time, we recommend that you read the detailed operating instructions on the manufacturer's website. The link to the PDF version of the manual is below:

Fobest Costs


YES! If you decide to be our partner in Bolt and Uber, you pay 50 PLN per week for two applications. We charge PLN 30 a week for billing one application for you.

What are the total costs that I will pay?


1 application = PLN 30 (FreeNow, Uber, Bolt, Glovo, Wolt)

2 applications = PLN 50

FREENOW+Bolt+Uber= 75zł

UberEats= 20zł

If you don't drive a week, we will not charge any commission, you pay only for active weeks!

In addition to the weekly amount you should add:

  1. 8% VAT on Transport Services (23% VAT for Uber Eats).

    Our company gives the opportunity to level VAT with cost invoices taken for our company (fuel, car parts, tire replacement, oil, car wash, etc.) We give 50% VAT for each invoice that you upload to the Fobest Driver Panel

  2. The ZUS contribution (due to having a mandate contract) is only once a month, depending on your status (student, permanent job, etc.) from 0 to 92 PLN. That's all!

The above costs (VAT, ZUS) are the costs that EVERY legally operating Partner has.

For your convenience, we have prepared a calculator link in which you have the opportunity to make exemplary settlements. Thanks to the calculator, you can quickly calculate how much money will go to your account.


Detailed information on how to account for being our B2B partner can be found here (Fobest costs -> What are the total costs that I will take?)


Payments in Fobest

Can a transfer from Fobest not come out on time?

Remember that the Fobest Team makes every effort to ensure that the transfer on your account is already Wednesday morning.

Sometimes it may happen that the transfer does not come out on time - unforeseen situations, system error, failure of banking, delayed transfer from Bolt or Uber and others, which unfortunately we have no influence. Before contacting us regarding a transfer not received, check if all required documents in the system are completed. If you have not received a transfer by Thursday at 14:00, please let us know as soon as possible by sending an SMS to the number 889-834-137 (in the content name, surname and short information "no transfer per week ...."). We will try to locate the problem and intervene as soon as possible.

I got a wrong transfer - what should I do?

If you see that the amount you got is different from the one in the application (eg different amount for travel, no tips, no bonus for driver's instructions, etc.) - the fastest and only solution is to use the form

ATTENTION! Remember that we do not deal with such matters over the phone - they require time, analysis of your revenues and potential misteiks. Definitely much more efficiently contact us via the form (link above).

What days are transfers made at Fobest?

We make every effort to ensure that the transfer from Fobest is on your account already on Wednesday morning. If you have not received a transfer by Thursday at 14:00, please let us know as soon as possible by sending an SMS to the number 889-834-137 (in the content name, surname and short information "no transfer per week ...."). We will try to locate the problem and intervene as soon as possible.

Why did I receive 3 different transfers?

We divide your payment into 3 transfers, so that there are no doubts with which title transfers appear on your bank account and for tax reasons. Transfers that you will receive:

  • Payment from the contract order (net amount of the standard contract payment)

  • Cost return - the equivalent of cleared invoices sent to us to reduce the tax

  • Payment from the rental agreement - the remaining settlement amount is paid for renting your car

You can find detailed additional information on fees here (Fobest costs -> What are the total costs that I will take?)

ATTENTION! The refund is ONLY within the limits of the amount earned! If you have earned, for example, PLN 1000 and your invoice is at 1500 - the difference (PLN 500) of costs will go to the next settlement


Invoices in Fobest

Data for invoices




NIP: 522-316-39-31

Should there be a registration number on invoices?

Yes. On the cost invoices, you need the registration number of the car on which you travel.

When and how often should I send invoices?

If you want to settle your account correctly, we need from you cost invoices issued for our company - invoices for fuel, car review, replacement of tires, etc. All this is your cost, so we can deduct it from your tax. Thanks to these invoices, your VAT to be paid will be small or will not be at all. Invoice scans upload in our system up to date.

If you uploaded the FV in the current settlement (until Sunday 23:59) it will be added to the current settlement. If you uploaded it, e.g. on Monday, it will be added to your future settlement.

ATTENTION! invoice details link

What should I do with invoices? Does Fobest need original invoices?

You can send invoices to us in the form of a scan or photo via the Driver's website or a mobile application (BUT only very good quality!).

The invoice must be:

- visible in 100%;

- without bends;

- not dirty;

- only one in the picture

- without the interference of graphic programs

Instructions for adding an invoice (if you do not have an application and you upload an invoice via a desktop computer):

  1. Log in to
  2. Choose from the "Enter invoices" list
  3. Fill out the form and attach the invoice picture to the form
  4. Click "Send"


  1. The invoice must be displayed in the system immediately after its addition, if it does not exist, an error must have occurred.
  2. By way of exception, you can send us invoices via email biuro@Fobest.plBUT, only emergency. We definitely prefer using our application or website.

What can I take invoices for and why?

You can take invoices on:

- Fuel (ATTENTION! Remember about the registration number on the invoice!)

- All kinds of repairs, car inspections, visits to the workshops

- Handles, chargers

- Car parts

- Car washes, air fresheners

- Change tires, oil

Everything above is your cost, so we can deduct it from your tax. Thanks to these invoices, your VAT to be paid will be small or will not be at all.

ATTENTION! Write your company details correctly on the invoice - link


Tax settlements

Will I receive it from Fobest PIT11 at the end of the year?

If you have a contract or a contract of employment - yes. You will receive PIT 11 by the end of February.

Do you pay all taxes for me?

Unfortunately, no, but we can help with tax settlement. We charge you 8% VAT and pay tax from the contract / contract of employment - later the employee gets a PIT 11 and is obliged to settle PIT 37 or PIT 36. On the other hand, the tax on the rental contract PIT 28 (lump sum) or PIT 36 must settle the driver himself.

PIT 28 is submitted by January 31.


Lease agreement - settlement with the tax office - notification of a lump sum

Income tax on car rental:

This tax is paid by the driver to the Tax Office.

If you are just starting your adventure with a car rental agreement, you must know that from the moment you receive your first rental income, you must remember to decide on the form of taxation of the rental. This must be done by the 20th day of the following month at the latest. The deadline for submitting a rental tax declaration depends on whether you are dealing with a rental for the first time or whether it is a continuation of an existing contract.

In the case of private rentals, tax can be settled in two forms: a lump sum or tax settlement on general terms. The flat rate is 8.5%. tax, general rules are 18 percent.

If you do not make your choice the next month after receiving the first rent, unfortunately you lose the opportunity to choose and, in a way, "from the machine" you have to settle according to general rules. If your contract is continuing, you must register by January 20.

You can reduce the tax base by deducting the costs associated with renting a vehicle (i.e. fuel, repairs or expenses for the purchase of equipment needed to work as a telephone).

You report to the Tax Office in person with the document, send it by post or describe the transfer accordingly (your first lump sum payment in a given year will act as a declaration regarding the form of taxation of private rent) by the 20th day of the following month after receiving 1 payment.




Bolt / Uber- what and how?

I have a problem with the Bolt / Uber application. My Bolt / Uber account is not working

a) Problem with documents when registering a Uber account / Uber account:

At Uber, you get information about the lack of documents: CEIDG / KRS, LICENSE or BANK ACCOUNT EXTENSION?

This is the correct state of affairs. These documents do not affect the status of your driver account. If you are logged in and you can go online - just skip it.

If not, check if you have correctly uploaded and up-to-date documents. The problem may be, for example:

- No car added

- There is no selected partner to connect

- No account activation

- Not current car documents

- Lack of any other document


In this case, unfortunately, we are not helping you in any way. The quickest way to solve the problem is to personally contact the UBER office. You can do it in 2 ways:

  1. A visit to the Uber office:
  2. Contact by help:

b) Problem with documents / account in Bolt:

In case your Bolt account is not working or one of the documents has been rejected, please write to us at the email address: the description name, surname, city, application: Bolt, short description of the problem)

What are the requirements for a car in Bolt / Uber?

Requirements Bolt:
  • Fifteen or younger (and therefore produced no later than in 2004);
  • Four- or five-door;
  • min. five-person (ie offering, in addition to the driver's seat, four or more seats).
Uber requirements:
  • The car was manufactured in 2004 at the latest
  • Car 4/5 door
  • Steering wheel on the left
  • Registered for at least 5 people
  • Registered in the European Union

ADDITIONALLY in Bolt and Uber the car must have a vehicle registration document with a valid technical inspection and valid vehicle liability insurance.

UBER EATS - how should I settle account correctly?

The settlements of UberEats suppliers look almost the same as for passenger transport. To create an Eats account you need the same documents that you need when creating a UberDriver account:

- ID card,

- certificate of no criminal record,

- driving license - in the case of delivering orders by car or requiring this scooter,

- vehicle registration document with a valid technical inspection - in the case of a car.

The only thing you need to start driving as a supplier is a special bag that you can get at the Uber office.

Will I receive an extract from the license?

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no possibility to obtain an extract from the license. An extract from the license may be issued only for a car that is the sole property of the entrepreneur (ie Fobest), or be leased.

I need a License scan. Will I get it from you?

Yes of course. A scan of our license to download is located here: license

ITD control - what to do?

Since you are here, you know perfectly well that the Bolt / Uber Drivers are in control of the ITD, the Tax Ordinance Office or the Police (most often they are provocations of taxi drivers with direct access to the vehicle inspection or stopping by the police) so if this happens to you,the most important thing is to sign and not accept a fine (unless the inspector wants to issue a fine of PLN 200 for the lack of a copy - then accept it and report to Fobest for a refund).

REMEMBER, that you have the right to not accept the fineand, additionally, it is necessary to take advantage of the form of security that we offer, our company Fobest, Bolt and Uber.

If you happen to such a situation (which is only a waste of your valuable time):

  • First of all- DO NOT STRESS! There's no need😊

  • You can show a license scan (download here license )often the case ends with the issuance of a fine of PLN 200-500 for the lack of a copy, if you get such a proposal - accept it.

  • Having a report you send us a scan to an email address:

  • After verifying the documents, you will receive information from us on what to do next:

  1. If a fine has been accepted on the spot for the lack of a license for a small amount:

    - we will refund the costs of the fine and the case is closed

  2. If there was a refusal of the fine:

    - If you do not accept a fine, you must get an inspection report (on which you do not sign!)

    - Having a report you send us a scan to an email address:

    - In response, you will receive a power of attorney that you must complete and return to the above email address

    - Lawyers now handle your case. Do not worry! Being an Fobest partner you are in the best hands!

You can receive an email from us to a lawyer with whom you can keep in touch.

ATTENTION! Remember that during the control it is very important to have a contract signed with us!

We guarantee that driving with us is safe and you will not lose a 1PLN. Unfortunately, at the moment the regulations are outdated and in their current form you can not meet all of them - hence from 1 January 2020 a new law that will regulate everything and leave no illusions about the legality of the service.